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Guest Blog with Pat Fitzpatrick “Nohoval Cove”

Pat Fitzpatrick is a writer living in Cork with his wife, daughter and two cats. You will find him hanging around the Sunday Independent Life magazine, in the Cork News, on the RTE Today show and on the Right Hook and Tom Dunne Show on Newstalk FM. Keep an eye out for his debut novel in the next couple of months.

Nohoval Cove

You’d swear there are only three points on the compass in county Cork. North Cork is full of big fat healthy cows and German fisherman. East Cork is good for foodies and hurlers. And the jewel in the crown, West Cork, is good for hippy cheese makers and expensive houses.

But there is also a little known gem in the rebel county which you could only describe as South Cork. This secret triangle is bordered on the south by a short strip of coastline which runs from Crosshaven to Kinsale. From there it rolls north across some handsome countryside into Cork city. You could drive around its cheerful lanes for hours without meeting another car. Just keep an eye out for tractors.

You might have heard of a couple of spots along the coast. Roberts Cove, Fountainstown and Oysterhaven probably all ring a bell. But my favourite is Nohoval Cove, a small inlet surrounded by cookie-cutter cliffs and gleaming dark caves. There might be a better thing to do on a sunny evening than launch a kayak off the small private beach at Nohoval Cove and head east along the coast. It’s just that I haven’t found it.


  1. Out for a drive today found nohoval cove by chance tide was in full still looked beautiful and peaceful I was wondering about the ruins of the castle any info on it….thanks pat kavanagh

  2. It is the remains of an old lime kilen . I asked in the local bar finders in what the ruins where.

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