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Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

Recently, OnTheQT paid a flying visit to the city of Bristol and we were amazed at some of the gems we discovered. The first thing we feel in love with was the street art. Bristol has a history for graffiti and street art that is unlike anywhere else. It is known as the street art and graffiti capital in the UK and is home to more than 100 street artists and graffiti writers. Bristol acts like an outside gallery where the walls change weekly, and celebrate Bristol’s unique creative culture. As you walk down the street you see art on all the sides of the buildings – each as good as the next piece.






It’s part of the city that really is a QT gem – you don’t notice the gem till you look up but once you look up, you discover a world of art.

QT Tip: You can explore the creativity yourself by wondering around the city or you ‘Where The Wall’ offer street art tours in Bristol and well worth checking out if you have time: http://www.wherethewall.com/tours

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