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Farren Woods

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

Recently, OnTheQT stumbled upon old childhood memories of Farran Woods so we decided to pay it a visit again. Farran Woods lies just off Inniscarra Lake in Cork. It is surrounds by views of the lake, forest and countryside. Walks throughout the forest is a must and there is a walk to suit each ability. We loved the walk up by the lake as the views were just breathtaking.

A memory of Farran Woods for us as a family most definitely had to have been the playground and the family picnics. I even remember my Grandad standing on his head while playing with us on the grass one Sunday afternoon. Farran Woods is the perfect place to bring the little QT’s for a adventure. There is plenty of picnic seats throughout the forest and it is a great day out for family and friends.  We loved the wildlife enclosure in the park and a large duck pond situated in the heart of the forest. The wildlife enclosure holds a small herd of red and fallow deer and the duck pond is home to duck species such as mallard, teal, widgeon, shoveler and greylag, white fronted, barnacle, snow and Egyptian geese.

Farran Woods is the perfect spot for a weekend adventure. Whether you want to bring the little QT’s and explore with them or whether you are looking for a relaxing walk some afternoon. Farran Woods is the perfect gem for all.

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