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Exploring with a local at Roches Point

While on a road trip around East Cork, we stumbled across Roches Point and fell in love with it. Spectacular views of the Atlantic and also of the entrance to Cork Harbour. As you walk or drive down to Roches Point, you cannot help but recognise the quaint, beautiful, colourful cottages which line the way to the Lighthouse. (QT tip: There are a few cottages on the grounds of the lighthouse for rent, allowing you to make a memory of a lifetime by staying overnight at the lighthouse). A little point of information for you is that Roches Point Lighthouse guards the entrance to this the second largest natural harbour in the world.

As we always do, we met a local! But this was not just any local, it was a friendly little dog who showed us around. A local tour by the dog. He brought us all around and our last spot was the beach(Guessing this was because he loved people to throw stones for him). We didn’t mind because we wouldn’t have found the beach without him. A lovely rocky cove, perfect to just sit and clear you mind. Check out our video above, we just had to take a video of our tour guide having some fun!

We decided to sit for a little bit and watch the beautiful sunset. (QT Tip: A romantic date to watch the sunset here will definitely put you in the good books!). It’s times like these that you realise there is no place like home. Beauty is all around us, we just need to take time out of our busy lives to notice it. Nothing beats the beauty of local gems.

There’s no place like home


  1. Hello
    My name is Milo
    It was my pleasure to entertain you,and to give you a brief tour of my lovely playground !
    Do call again , but next time please find a piece of stick as stones damage my teeth !
    Thanks again. And yes we have a beautiful country and so peaceful

    Wuff ,Wuff

    1. Hi Milo!
      hahah! The best tour guide around! Don’t worry, your teeth wont be damaged as we threw them out too far for you to catch them in your mouth but you enjoyed chasing them! We would never want to damage your lovely teeth. Thank you for the wonderful tour and friendship.

  2. just stumbled across this. I go to roches point every few weeks with my little boy and yes we know Milo. He always seems to remember my little boy.

    He is a very friendly and gentle dog and a credit to his owners.

    there used to be a greyhound dog that used to pal around with Milo but we havnt seen him in a few months.

    I throw sticks for milo or the rubbery bits of seaweed stalks.

  3. I live down the road in a tiny cottage about no room for stuff, kids, clothes ect ect and we paid a fortune for out tiny house in 97′ but when I can bring my kids down to the beach after school every day to be greeted by milo with our little picnic lunch it makes all the struggle and nights about money problems with it . Milo is a sole of the sea .

    1. I love hearing stories like this. I bet this will be one of your kids favourite childhood memories. Enjoy your picnics with Milo.

  4. I am looking to come to Ireland for the first time and I am wanting to stay close to Roches Point. Can anyone give me the name of towns close by to stay at.

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