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A local treasure – Aghada

Recently, OnTheQT went on a little road trip around East Cork and discovered some amazing little gems, hidden treasures and lots of beauty spots! Therefore, lots of great blog posts for our QT followers on the way very soon! Our first East Cork blog had to be on a little QT spot we adored. This was the beautiful Aghada, just outside Midleton. It is a tiny, fresh Irish village with friendly locals all around. We stopped off here for an ice cream and came across a windsurfer who filled us in on lots of the great windsurfing spots around East Cork. It’s not until you meet a local that you find out the local tips. (QT local windsurf tip: Aghada is perfect for windsurfing with an onshore breeze).

OnTheQT loves the water(we are guilty water babies!) so we were just thrilled when we got chatting in a local watersport centre called Neptune. We saw straight away that they offer paddle boarding(one of the few places in Cork who offer this sport). We got chatting to the lovely senior instructor and she was telling us how relaxing paddle boarding is. A Paddle board is similar to a surfboard but a little wider and has more grip to allow you to stand and paddle. You stand up(hopefully stable) and as you paddle, you move swiftly through the water. After chatting to her, we cannot wait to go back and try it out soon and make a QT video for you guys. We spent a bit of time exploring the village and walking out the beautiful pier(looks like a great fishing spot). Even if you are just passing though Aghada, you cannot help but admire the beauty all around. It is a QT spot you should try to pay a visit to and get to know the local gems.

Top Aghada Tips:

  1. Windsurfing is great in Aghada with an onshore breeze.
  2. Paddle boarding, kayaking and lots more can be tried at Neptune adventure centre(with very friendly staff).
  3. Great spot for a little drive from Cork. Sometimes you just need to go somewhere and breath in the fresh sea air. Only a 30 minute drive from Cork.
  4. Great little walks in Aghada and a beautiful pier to explore and try some fishing.
  5. Friendly locals are very helpful and are more than happy to fill you in on their little gem.
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