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Dingle Dolphin Boat Tours!

 You may have heard about the infamous dolphin in Dingle,  Co. Kerry called Funghi… who is exceptionally friendly! However, you may not believe that he likes when people come to visit him! In fact so much so that he does tricks and twirls for his visitors, he races with boats.. you can even go swimming with him!

We woke up bright and early on the morning of our visit and got dressed into our wetsuits, we could barely contain our excitement!  Although a few different boats offer a trip out to visit Fungi, we chose to head out with Dingle Dolphin Boat tours  as they offer intimate trips with the most experienced boat drivers! This operator is an orange building right next to the Funghi dolphin statue just off the marina in the town!

We hopped onto the pristine rib and off we went in search of the friendly dolphin! It was a glorious morning and so the views out into the sparkling Atlantic Ocean were simply gorgeous! It wasn’t long before we found Funghi! Our boat driver has been visiting him for over 25 years.. and so knew exactly where to locate him!

I could barely contain my excitement as the beautiful dolphin swam right alongside the boat, jumping out of the water to say hello! It was surreal! We followed his every move, as he glided through the water.. it was almost as though he was playing a game with us! He was so close I could almost touch him! We put down the anchor and jumped in to go swimming with him.. although the water was absolutely freezing, it was most definitely worth it!

I couldn’t recommend this trip more, it was the highlight of my week hanging out with Funghi! The boat trip lasts approx. 2 hours so not only do you get to see Funghi and go swimming with him, we were also shown some of the beautiful coves and inlets in the surrounding area.. most only visible from the water!

It was most definitely a memorable and very special morning! Hope you enjoy your boat trip too! x

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