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Day 26 – San Francisco

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

Today began with a morning walk in Armstrong Redwood State Park. Armstrong Redwoods preserves stately and magnificent Sequoia sempervirens, commonly known as the coast redwood. These trees stand together as a testament to the wonders of the natural world. We enjoyed an early morning walk around this majestic beauty. (Note: It’s all shaded so bring a jacket as it can be cold, especially early morning).

We then moved onto a local winery called the ‘Iron Horse’ which a friend of ours brought us to. This was definitely more OnTheQT then yesterday’s wineries in Napa Valley. It was postcard perfect to see people sitting out in the sunshine, surrounded by vineyards and wine. This is the type of vineyard that you can only buy the wine there, you wont find it in any shops… now you cant get more local then that.

We then hit the road towards San Francisco. We firstly stopped off to visit my grandaunt in Nicasio. Now this is a women who is well travelled, full of stories, full of life and adventure. We got the local tour from her of her hometown and Lucas Valley Road (This is where George Lucas(starwars) built his Skywalker Ranch… a movie ranch and workplace).

We then went to see the famous Golden Gate Bridge(from the Saulsalito side). What a wonderful experience… it was amazing to see and of course to get our ‘obligatory San Fran picture!!

Next stop was dinner in the world-renowned waterfront community of Sausalito, California. The charming bay side town is home to a friendly, electric group of people that are passionate about the area in which they live.

We went for dinner in one of my grandaunts local recommendations ‘ The Spinnaker’, a place on the waterfront full of fresh seafood and panoramic views. Such a outstanding meal and it is a must in Sausalito. After a very busy day, we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge to enter the world of San Francisco city. Looking forward to exploring this side of the bridge tomorrow.

Over and Out for now from San Fran,


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