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Day 18 – Cape Cod

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

Today we woke in the beautiful Cape Cod once again and decided to head to the wonderful Nantucket on a day trip. We just couldn’t go to Cape Cod and not pay a visit to this gem. Nantucket is an island just off Cape Cod where you can catch a one hour fast ferry or a two hour slow ferry to from Hyannis. A gem where a very close friend of mine has now made it her home.

We got an early boat to give ourselves as much time as possible on Nantucket. We actually got the 2 hour ferry to be able to enjoy the boat ride and scenery. The views all around were spectacular and just such a lovely way to see the beauty of the Cape. Nantucket was always a fabulous place to visit but this time it was even more special to see a great friend at the other side of the boat and get to know all the local spots. We arrived and were collected by our friend Laura and she was so excited to show us her OnTheQT spots around the island.

First stop was the Samuel Owen Gallery. A gallery based in the town centre with unique paintings and pictures. A photograph that stuck out in my mind was the photograph of the ice wave. During the bad winter last year, a photographer photographed a wave which was frozen over. An amazing photograph and it was amazing to see it in person. We loved all the art in this gem too… almost giving you inspiration while looking around. That’s something I have learned a lot on this trip, the inspiration and innovative ideas you gather while travel are priceless.

We then went to grab a coffee at a newly open coffee shop called ‘Centre St. Bistro’ before exploring a little bit more of Nantucket. We were given a tour of Nantucket Community TV and we were blown away. The facilities available to the public at just a small annual fee are amazing. Cameras, mics, editing facilities and much more. Unbelievable. We wish we had this at home…

 Next stop was to the Cisco Brewery. A gem we would only have found with Laura. Outside the main part of town lies the Cisco Brewery. A spot which is very popular with locals. They make their own beers and people relax in the courtyard enjoying themselves and listening to great live music. Just such a relaxed and cool vibe…. might be one of my favouirte spots in Nantucket.

We then headed back to the town to explore the main street and more importantly…. to admire all the amazing boats in the harbour before heading back on our ferry to Cape Cod. I think I found my dream sail boat….

A great day with great friends. Exploring like a local on Nantucket thanks to the amazing Laura. It really is true, friendship isnt about being inseparable, it’s about being separated and nothing changes.

 Over and out for now from Cape Cod,


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