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Croatia with Sail Aweigh

 Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

1000 unspolt islands and warm turquoise seas meant Croatia was most certainly on our OnTheQT bucket list. This year we were delighted to spend a week sailing and filming with Sail Aweigh in Croatia. It was a holiday of a lifetime but of course we filmed the whole experience for you guys so you will get to see how truly amazing it was. No other area in Europe possesses such unique opportunities for cruising, the breath-taking scenery of more than a thousand dazzling islands along the Croatian coast, combined with the unpolluted crystal clear sea, will satisfy even the most demanding nautical enthusiasts.

Sail Aweigh have been taking groups to Croatia and Greece since 2008, sometimes they even go a few times a year. It is a great week of relaxation, enjoyment, sun and sailing. The best part about it is that you can be a complete beginner and still go. You dont need any experience as you have a extremely knowledgeable skipper on-board. You learn as you go along. Sail Aweigh caters for all abilities and you improve your sailing throughout the week, whether you are a beginner or a little more experienced. Trust us, you have never been to Croatia until you see it from the water and visit the islands by boat. TRUST US!!

We just had to put this picture in of our amazing skipper, John from Sail Aweigh who showed us great sailing, great QT spots and made us fall in love with Croatia.

Throughout the trip, you work as a team on deciding where to go, what to do and what islands to visit. It’s your holiday so you can do as much or as little as you want. Whether you want to sunbath, swim, learn to sail, learn to navigate etc – there is something for everyone.

Our Trip:

Night 1: Kuklijica

Night 2: Opat

Day 3 Lunch: Opat

Night 3: Pickera

Night 4: Sail

Night 5: Soline

Day 6 Lunch: Molat

Night 6: Zadar

We have lots of blog posts and videos on each of the locations above so stay tuned to OnTheQT in the coming few weeks to see our tips on each local spot.

Each evening we were in port for about 5pm which allowed us to explore a new QT spot each night. We were free enjoy the local amenities, historical sites and sports such as dinghy sailing, swimming, water volleyball and even scuba diving in some towns.

For us, the sunsets in Croatia are something we will never forget. They just take your breath away each night – each one is as amazing as the next. We were lucky enough to see the sun setting in the most beautiful islands of Croatia.

 “Life Provides you the wind, you control the direction of the sail”

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