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Cratloe Wood Adventures

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

A few weeks ago, we came across the most magical, spectular gem in the heart of County Clare. Cratloe Wood is a magical forest of adventure situated on Woodcock Hill. The breathtaking woodland trails and walks makes for the perfect adventure as a family. A main trail through the woods is great with a few adventurous trails for the little ones to explore along the way. The beauty surrounding you will take your breath away. Peace, tranquility and  laughter makes for a perfect day. 

Sometimes kids don’t appreciate the Sunday walks with the family but Cratloe woods has an adventure setting to keep your little QT’s entertained during their visit. What makes this spot different is the way in which the children’s playground is integrated into the woodland. As you walk though the trails, you discovered new play adventures spotted along the track which keep the children interested throughout the walk. Keeping both adults and children happy campers!!

Just as you leave the park behind, you enter another part of the walk which brings even more adventure. You walk a few minutes further on and you stumble upon an amazing lake. This is the perfect place for a picnic and a chance to feed the ducks. On a sunny day it is just spectacular.

This spot just keeps getting better and better. What made it for us was seeing the locals all around, enjoying themselves. Lots of parents with children and even a few grandparents were on a walk with their grandchildren which was lovely to see. You could spend a day here exploring the wooded areas and enjoying a family picnic in the surroundings of the magical wonderland.

A local told us that you can walk up to the very top and admire the spectacular views. This is something we were told is a great experience. It is well worth the walk up to experience the views all around.

Little QT tip: For anybody with small children and aren’t able to do the longer walk…we have you covered. If you exit the main entrance of the woods, take a right and drive up the slight hill, you will also find some of the spectacular views.

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