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Cape Cod – Day 17

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

Today I woke to the beautiful Cape Cod. A place dear to my heart with people I adore and cherish. It’s true how people always make a place and it is certainly true with the amazing family and friends I have on Cape Cod. As many of you know, the concept and idea for OnTheQT came from many summers working in Cape Cod Sea Camps(check out how the idea came about here).

I had an exciting day planned to visit our dear friends at Cape Cod Sea Camps. A place where you will find some of the nicest people in the world. Friends for life. I feel everybody should spend a summer working at camp and become part of the camp family. An experience you will remember forever. We headed down the 6A towards Brewster for my visit to camp. It had been three years since I was at camp so I was over the moon to see the many friendly faces I adore. Many people have an influence on your life and many people at camp influenced me.

There is one person that always sticks out in my mind when it comes to Cape Cod Sea Camps and this person is somebody who thought me to have confidence, dream big and always smile… that is the camp director Otis. The confidence I built up in my two summers at camp have impacted my life hugely. I have learned that I can do anything I put my mind to and to always dream big. The confidence I gained at camp gave me the courage to set up my own business ‘OnTheQT.ie’.

The camp itself is a little piece of heaven and holds fond memories for many people. For me, standing on the Cape Cod Sea Camps beach or out on the water sailing is my favouirte part of the USA.

A quick stop in Nickerson State Park after camp was a must. This gem is one I spent many days cycling and enjoying. The park lies in the heart of Cape Cod and consists of 1900 acres of natural woodland. Bicycle trails, freshwater swimming and camping are just some of the amazing things to do at Nickerson.

Lastly, I headed to another spot I used to visit all the time while at camp called ‘Hot Chocolate Sparrow’. I met a dear friend Brenda and enjoyed their delicious ice-cream and lovely chats. It’s always a great sign when you can chat to someone who you haven’t seen in years as if you just saw them yesterday. True friendship. The perfect end to a perfect day.

I have to finish this blog in the way the MIGHTY CCSC would….


Over and out for now from Cape Cod,


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