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Would you believe that if you visited an island a day, you’d have over 8 years of perfect adventure in the Bahamas, where some 3,100 islands dot the glistening water. Hundreds are no bigger than a mere limestone spit poking above the water, but others such as Eleuthera are more than 150km in length! The majority of the Bahamas is made up of long linear sandy playgrounds for sunseekers, who enjoy the balmy year round climate, while cities such as Nassau have a vibrant commercial beat – you can also head out to the appropriately named out islands – where the only voice you may hear is your own!

Best time to visit: Year – round! December – February (Winter) to escape the Northern cold, June – August (Summer) for full on tropical heat and humidity.

Top things to see: (I) Nassau’s pirate museums and seemingly endless shopping strips, (ii) Inagua National Park, roosting spot for untold thousands of pink flamingos, (iii) Harbour island, where the sand is pink! (iv) Cat island, a tradition – bound outpost untouched by modernity, (v) Long island with over 120km of empty beaches and pastel – hued villages.

Top things to do: (I) Kayak among dozens of tiny islands, (ii) Island hop by mail boat, (iii) Go diving at small hope bay and explore the trademark tropical surrounds, (iv) Find and explore a shipwreck – there is at least one or two off every island!

Local Cuisine: Shellfish, lobster, tropical fruit, pigeon peas.

Where To Stay: Find the best deal, compare prices, and read what other travelers have to say at TripAdvisor

If this doesn’t sound like paradise… well then I don’t know what does! If you’ve ever been lucky enough to explore the Bahamas.. we would LOVE for you to share your experiences with us! Simply e-mail us at: OntheQT.ie@gmail.com! x


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