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Aussie Adventure: Day 1 & 2

QT blogger, Pat Lynch spent some time in Australia  a few years ago but decided to try something a little different. Pat went on an adventure of a lifetime in the Australian Bush. He kept a detailed diary with lots of pictures and footage throughout his adventure, we are going to post it on the date he did it a few years ago. Day by day, follow his adventures in the bush!!


DAY 1: The Adventure Begins – 2nd July

Today is the day I leave on my Australian trip. I got the 2.40 flight from Cork to London, which went well and was on time. Phyl, my wife dropped me to the airport and we said our goodbyes until the 24th of July. When I reached London, I walked from terminal 1 to terminal 3(about 15 minutes) and checked in at Singapore Airlines to catch the 7pm flight to Singapore. We were 6th to depart on the runway when it was noticed that one of the flaps on the wing was buckled and the flight got pulled. We waited 3 hours on-board before it was decided to cancel our flight. We all had to collect our baggage and got put up in local hotels close to Heathrow. We eventually checked into hotels at midnight, exhausted but relieved that the problem on the plane was discovered while we were on the ground. The Singapore Airline staff were excellent and they kept us informed at all times as to what was happening. As we slept, a note was put through our door to inform us that the scheduled new departure time was 7pm on Tuesday the 3rd of July. 24 hours late but better to leave safe then sorry!!


Day 2: Finally on the way! 3rd July

Breakfast and lunch at the Park Inn compliments of Singapore Airlines as we waited to be collected at the hotel at 3pm. Had a nice relaxing swim in the pool and a walk to pass time that morning. Checked in at 5pm and departed at 7pm as planned on the Jumbo to Singapore. The 12 hour flight seemed never ending but the staff on board do everything to make it comfortable. A lovely meal was served 1 hour into the flight and a nice breakfast before we arrived into Singapore. With on demand films, it helps to pass the time and with it being a night time flight, you get a chance to sleep.


 More to come tomorrow as I arrive into Singapore and follow onto Perth






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