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Atlantaquaria, Galway!

Our Wild Atlantic Way adventure trip was all about discovering new places, new experiences and learn new things! We couldn’t believe how much we learnt during our trip to Atlantaquaria, the National Aquarium in Salt Hill, Galway!

With the perfect location on the sea front the aquarium most definitely should be added to your to-do list whilst in Galway! As soon as we walked inside we knew we were in for an exciting trip! The underwater décor everywhere is simply fantastic!

Lucky for us we had our very own tour- guide and so we got a very detailed description about the wide range species to be found at the aquarium! I couldn’t believe there were so many different types of sea creatures! With sea life from all over the world represented here, it was such a fascinating experience!

There is an abundance of information and fun facts at each exhibit as you explore, which is an excellent educational experience! With designated feeding times, a sea life petting area, and an array of interactive sea life themed games and exhibits there is most certainly something for everyone to enjoy here!

With reasonable prices, and entertainment for all the family, I highly recommend a trip! Enjoy x

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