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Ring of Cork – Episode 10

Welcome back to the Ring of Cork travel series. In this episode we  are going on a road trip to explore Whitegate and the beautiful surrounding beaches and scenic areas. We are also going to be trying a night away with a unique twist at Inch Hideaway.

First up, I went on a road trip to see what Whitegate and the surrounding area had to offer. We enjoyed the a walk along The Peoples Path which is a path linking the villages of Rostellan to Whitegate with spectacular scenery along the way.

Inch beach was our next stop. Inch Strand is a popular local sandy beach bordered by two streams situated about 9 miles south of Midleton. It lies at the start of Power Head and is surrounded by cliffs, rock pools and farmland. There are car parks on each side of the strand. You can enjoy a walk on the beach or simply sit and take in the breath taking views. If you are feeling a little adventures, you can hit the waves with Swell Surf School. They offer rentals, kids lessons, adults lessons and group rates. Why not hit the water and try something new.

I am always looking for unique getaways and I stumbled across Inch Hideaway. I decided to stay and was given a quirky luxury yurt to enjoy for the night. All around the campsite, there are things to do. You have a wood fire stove, private garden, picnic areas, kitchen area, BBQs, wood fired pits and best of all a camp fire pit. Everything you could need and more. Nothing beats a smore around the camp fire after a day on the beach.

 That’s the end of series 1 of the Ring of Cork Travel series and what fun we had along the way.   Join us soon for series 2 soon exploring even more beauty along the Ring of Cork. See you then.

We are delighted to collaborate and work with Ring of Cork on the post and series. #AD
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