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#QTDaily: La Boqueria Food Market

Lovers of fresh food, marvellous meat, tasty treats and succulent sweets… we were only delighted when we stumbled upon La Boqueria food market right in the heart of Barcelona! La Boqueira is a large public market in the Ciutat Vella district of Barcelona and one of the city’s foremost tourist landmarks. As it is very accessible by public transport, free to enter, and open everyday it is a definite must see!

The market is an absolute paradise for the senses; with exotic foods everywhere I turned, and more stalls than I could count, I instantly fell in love with the place! There were so many colours, so many things that tickled my taste buds… I genuinely didn’t know where to begin!

We wandered around getting distracted at almost every second stall; some stall owners were handing out samples to lure in customers, others were shouting out their best offers at the top of their voice, while the rest were deep in conversation with consumers about the origins and ethnicity of their products!

One particular stall that caught our attention was a jelly sweet stand! Lined up next to each other in vast colours and in enormous quantities, it was almost as though they weren’t edible at all! (Of course we made some purchases here to snack on!) I was also fascinated at the fresh juice stalls… the jucies were so bright in colour, there was every type of flavour you could possibly imagine, and they looked deliciously refreshing as they sat on ice waiting to be purchased! 

Although the a lot  of the produce is for take home purposes such as meat and cheeses, fruit and vegetables, the market has some great lunch spots, with designated seating if you wish to eat your food there! We chose to gather produce for a picnic at the beach which I highly recommend! It was so fresh and tasty… It almost still makes my mouth water when I reminisce on it!

If you appreciate food at all, a trip to this market is well worth a visit – with the main entrance right off Las Ramblas, you won’t even be going out of your way to get there!

Bon Apetit! x

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