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Florida Part 2

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

Today started with an early morning swim before a big adventure to Cape Canaveral. We hit the road towards Cape Canaveral to explore the Kennedy Space Center where NASA is based. On route we passed the port where all the cruise ships come in and go out. The Disney cruise ship was in and it looked fabulous. A local told us all about the cruises you can go on, included 3-4 day local cruises(even to the Bahamas!). Another thing added to our bucket list for our next big adventure!! (Watch this space!!).

QT Tip: You don’t go into Cape Canaveral to get to the Kennedy Space Center, it is based a few miles outside it but is well sign posted.



We continued on to the Kennedy Space Center, even the drive was amazing. Very remote area but the scenery was breath taking. We arrived at the Kennedy Space Center which was very impressive. Kennedy Space Center is full of things to do and places to see. We went on the bus tour first which takes about 2 hours at least. The last bus leaves at 4:30 so it’s a good idea to do the bus tour first and then come back and explore the rest of Kennedy Space Center then. The bus tour takes you on a tour of the NASA grounds, including the launch pads and a guided tour of Apollo/Saturn V Center.

We then launched into space aboard the Shuttle Launch Experience with space shuttle astronaut Jon McBride. We loved the shuttle simulator experience which was a highlight of the day. Sit back, buckle up and hold on tight.. you get to experience what it’s like for a NASA astronauts on a space shuttle launch. The sights, sounds and sensations are so real.

A key thing to explore when you get back to the main center is the Space Shuttle Atlantis as it is very impressive. You can even stand nose-to-nose with it. A great celebration to the people and accomplishments of America’s incredible 30-year shuttle program.

QT Tips: $10 to park and it costs $50 for an adult(senior citizen of 55+ gets a small discount).

We decided to go to dinner in the amazing Cheesecake Factory in Brandon. What a gem… it is a must when visiting the States. We enjoyed fried shrimp, orange chicken and of course we devoured their amazing fresh strawberry cheesecake. Absolutely out of this would… a slice of heaven!

We ended the day with a trip to Apollo beach to watch the sunset. It was a spectacular sunset with flashes of lightening behind it. Something you would see in the movies. A perfect cool end to a perfect day.

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