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Top Tips For Taking Out Travel Insurance

If you are planning on travelling for either a short or a long period of time, one of the key things is to be sure you have good travel insurance. You may need it at some point during your travels and it is always better to have it in case any emergencies arise. We get many questions about travel insurance and what is the best policy to take out for your trips so we decided to compile all our information together to help you make your choice. 

  1. Don’t wait to take out your travel insurance. As soon as you book your holiday, take out your insurance. This covers you if your flight gets cancelled or if you cant make it due to illness or injury.
  2. Take a look at different policies to insure you get one that suits your travel goals. If you take more then two holidays a year, a multi-trip policy is a cheaper option.
  3. Do your research. It is worth spending some time shopping around for your insurance. You can cut the cost by just doing a little research.
  4. Don’t just go with the cheapest option. Compare like by like and insure you are getting the best cover for your money.
  5. When you are looking at different types of insurances be sure to look at the extras. For example winter sports equipment, gadget cover etc. These might not be included in your basic insurance and it might be something you want to add onto your policy.
  6. Watch out for any excess. Some policies have an excess in different areas. Be aware of any excess you have to pay before you can claim. If it is a family travelling, excess can add up so try to avoid having this if possible.
  7. Discounts. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Ask them about policies for a family or a couple as there are sometimes discounts available if you just ask.
  8. The length of time of your trip is another key factor when getting insurance. If you are going on a trip for three months or longer, some standard travel insurance policies will not be able to cover you. Also look at the length of time you are covered for. Sometimes different policies might only be for 30 days so it is something to look out for if you are planning a longer trip.
  9. Read the fine print. Some policies have an extra charge for people over a certain age, note that some policies have automatic renewal and always know if your policy has any trip limits.
  10. If you have any pre existing health conditions be sure you let them know straight away to insure your policy will cover it.
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