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Cambodia is slowly being unveiled as a key destination on the Asia overland trail. Attractions included awe inspiring temples of Angkor, swirling yellow waters of the Mekong, monks in saffron robes, motorcycle traffic jams and chaotic markets in Phnom Penh… sounds pretty interesting eh?

Best time to visit: November to January (dry season)

Top things to see:

  • Temples consumed by the jungle at Angkor,
  • Dolphins splashing at Kratie,
  • Mist swirling the ruins of the French hill station at Bokor National Park.

Top things to do:

  • Hop on a motorcycle taxi,
  • Ride the Mekong ferry through stunning scenery between siem reap and battambang,
  • Cheer on the boats during the local water festival,
  • Let the surf tickle your toes on a beach at Sihanoukville.

Best known for: Mekong, Pol Pot, the Khmer Rouge, monks on bikes, fried spiders, landmines!

Cambodia sure does sound like an adventure! If you’ve ever been there here at OntheQT we would LOVE to hear from you! Simply e-mail us at: OntheQT.ie@gmail.com


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