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20 things you should do in your twenties!

Young, wild and free… your twenties are the years in your lives where you should explore, meet new people, find your passions in life, and live your life to the full! We’re here to help you do so with our list of 20 things you most certainly must try out in your twenties! 

1. Travel Alone: You’ll be surprised about how much you will learn about yourself when you set off to explore alone! You can also go wherever you want… when you want, and its super easy to make friends when you travel alone also!

2. Travel The World: Take at least one long trip in your twenties… whether you back pack through europe, go inter-railing, explore South America.. just go!

3. Learn a new language: Although a difficult challenge, it is such a useful skill… plus it give you an excuse to travel to its spoken country!

4. Go on a road trip: Gather your pals, rent a camper van and see where the road takes you!

5. Go camping: There is something so magical about waking up under the stars! What an experience!

6. Attend a festival abroad: Like going to music festivals? How much cooler would it be in a foreign country! Here at OnTheQT its on our bucketlist to go to Coachella!

7. Say yes to new opportunities: Always keep an open mind, you never know where it may take you! Say yes.

8. Go Scuba- Diving: The ultimate way to feel like a mermaid… is by temporarily becoming one! What an amazing experience to see what lies under the sea!

9. Go Sky – Diving: From one extreme to the other… we LOVED our sky- diving experience on Mission Beach. Most definately the best thing I’ve ever done in my entire life!

10. Spin a globe and wherever your finger lands… go there: Hopefully you’ll end up somwhere exotic… but even if you don’t you might just learn something new anyway!

11. Go to Lake Tahoe: You’ll find out why when you get there!

12. Volunteer: Whether its in your local area, or abroad it’ll make a difference and you’ll feel great for doing so! Its always good to give something back!

13. Take a cooking class: Learn how to cook a meal from a completely different culture!

14. Spend more time outdoors: Try and go on an outdoor adventure at least once a week… its a pretty place out there!

15. Go swimming in the sea: Although its cold.. embrace it! Its a wonderful feeling!

16. Live abroad: Whether its for one month, your Erasmus or a year. Do it. You’ll learn more than you think!

17. Buy hammock: The perfect place to relax and unwind.

18. Dream Big: Life is short, don’t put your dreams on hold make them happen!

19. Worry Less: Worrying is an misuse of your imagination.

20. Go somewhere you haven’t been once a year!

Whatever it is you decide to do… dont forget to have fun whilst doing so! Life is shorter than you may think!
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