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Your Tips For Iceland

Today we are off to Iceland and to say I am excited is an understatement! I cannot wait! Over the past few weeks, you guys shared all your knowledge with us about Iceland and shared your tips from your amazing experiences. I just want to thank every single person who shared their travel tips and added to our travel hub here on OnTheQT. I, most definitely, found each tip so helpful when planning our adventure in Iceland so I wanted to share them all with you. I always think  the best tips are from locals and/or people who have been there and explored themselves. Here are some of the tips from our travel hub guys… all created by YOU via snapchat, Facebook and instagram. Thank you all… now it’s time to head to the airport and try out some of these unreal tips.

  • From Neil via Facebook: “If your stay is short , I recommend that you do the Golden Circle Tour ( Pingvellir ; Strokkur Geyser ; Gullfoss waterfall ).
    Also book ( in advance ) the Blue Lagoon. Book a slot for a time after arrival in Iceland ( bus transfer from
    Airport – its very close to the airport & you can Store your luggage there )


  • From Jill: “okay so defo get to Gulfoss Waterfall.. try and see geysirs somewhere they are class.. and the blue lagoon is a must. Also see the two tectonic plates apart (mid Atlantic ridge) as well if ye can.. if you go on the hop on hop off bus in Reykjavik. Stop at tHe Church of Hallgrímur. Class views of the city. And stop at the Vikin Muesuem, and get a tour of the Odin boat if you can, crazy guy giving the tour, was just the three of us, but we never stopped laughing, coz the Icelandics are a bit of an odd bunch. Northern lights are a bit overrated if you don’t get to see them, but if it’s gonna be good drive well out of town and enjoy!!Finally you HAVE to go for crepes in Reykjavik a place called Elsie & Is – best sweet crepes loads of class toppings…


  • Fly from cork via Instagram: “Whale watching with Eldong!! The view from Hallgrimskirkja, quad bike tour, dinner and cocktails at the pearl, skyr and of course the golden circle and blue lagoon. Amazing place, we’d love to go back again”


  • Richard via Instagram: “The Snaefellsness Peninsula is amazing – Kirkjufell is great to climb (and to look at if you’re not up for it) and the west coast of the peninsula is great for roaming around. Gjain is great too, especially in autumn when the trees turn. Lovely waterfalls and walking trails”.


  • From Mountaineersoficeland: “Snowmobile adventure of Langjokull glacier” (Thank you to Mountaineers of Ireland for inviting us on this trip on Saturday… we cannot wait guys!)

If you have any more tips, we would love if you shared them with us. You can follow our adventures on snapchat(ontheqtie) and instagram stories throughout the weekend.


Now it’s time to go on the adventure of a lifetime,


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