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What’s SUP?!

Last week, we decided to plan something fun after our week of adventures so we decided to try Stand up paddle boarding(aka SUP) with Neptune Kayak. We loved that Neptune Kayak ran after work sessions on the water so Friday afternoon came and we heading down to Rostellan, Co. Cork for our first paddle board lesson after work. Now we have to say, we didn’t think we would be any good at it and we had visions of us falling all over the place but we were surprised at how easy it was to learn and take to it(all thanks to our great instructor Ivan!).

Stand up Paddle  (SUP)  is a water-sport that can be enjoyed by everyone, pretty much anywhere there is water! We can honestly say it was the most relaxing and peaceful activity we have done in along time. We are hooked!! It’s a sport for everybody, it can be as exciting or physical as you want. You set your own level and you enjoy it at a level that you are comfortable with. What we loved about Stand Up Paddling boarding was the fact that you can learn it so fast. Within the first half hour, we were all SUPing without a care in the world. You get so comfortable on the board and you can enjoy the beautiful water and surroundings.

 At the end of our lesson, we even got to try a little Yoga. To be honest, we thought we would be falling all over the place because to be honest, we cant even do Yoga on land but this was such a unique experience so we just had to give it a go. We tied our boards onto a rope and our amazing Yoga instructor Alison showed us Yoga on the water. It was the most relaxing experience after paddle boarding – stretching, relaxing and possibly even a little snooze on the water. The blue sky above us and the sound of the trickling water around us made it heaven on earth.

We didn’t fall once during our Yoga session but we may have had a sneaky snooze after relaxing so much.

Our experience Stand up paddle boarding was just amazing with Neptune Kayak – The amazing instructors, facilities, friendly faces, memories made it one of the best Friday evening treats for us. Go on – give it a go…

Note: A lesson lasts an hour and a half. You will receive all equipment needed including the SUP, Paddle and wetsuit.
 Price: €35 per person.
Neptune Kayak
Address: Main Street, Rostellan, Co. Cork
Phone: 021-4661628
Email: info@neptunekayak.com


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