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Walking in Croatia – Kozjak

Guest Blogger: Pat Lynch

I recently went on a walking holiday to Croatia. We had a local host Pat Herbert who took us on many local walks and hikes each day. It was an early morning departure today. The coach picked us up at 7am at our pick up location. We all learnt to be on time. We had already packed our lunches and plenty of water was in our carrier bags. We drove to Kozjak which is located in Malacka. We have a big group today, 20 in total. It takes about 45 minutes to arrive at the starting point being right at the top of a hill. Glad we did not have to climb to this height and that the coach was able to take us there by road.

We set off on a narrow track led by our leader who was local and completed this route many times before. There were amazing views down over Split and Split Airport. The Airport looked like a toy airport down below us in the distance. The planes taking off were like toys until they came closer to us as they left the airport. We reached a church on top of the mountain where we rested for our first break. These churches have no road access and people walk to them for services held several times a year. The views from here were amazing.

On we go further where we encountered a heard of about 40 wild houses. Our leader was afraid they might stampede and he decided to take us on a detour to avoid them. This added another good hour on to our walk. Temperatures were rising on the day and got close to 30 deg c.

We eventually arrived in Putaly for refreshments where the coach was waiting for us at 3 pm. I must say I was glad to be sitting in the coach on our way back to our accommodation. It was a long day but very satisfying.

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