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You will find very little to complain about in Switzerland… picture-perfect castles, villages, hot chocolate in a chalet strewn with geranium boxes, red mountain train rides between mountains… it really has it all! Linguistic dexterity, cultural diversity, mountain vistas, heavenly chocolate, and natural landscapes so extrodinarily magnificent – even the gods get goosebumps! Go on… go there!

Best time to visit: All year… its that good!

Top things to see:
  • The matterhorn,
  • Lucerne,
  • Europe’s largest glacier – the Aletsch,
  • The medival village of Gruyeres.
Top things to do:
  • Dance until dawn in Zurich,
  • Admire architecture,
  • Ski in Zermatt,
  • Hike through pastures filled with cows and the melodious chick of bells!

Local cuisine: Rosti (crispy, fried shredded potatoes) and wurste (sausages).

Best known for: Matterhorn, Heidi, Yodelling, efficiency, chocolate, swiss army knives!

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