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The Sugarloaf Mountain, Wicklow!

Blogger: Lauren Lucy Crowley

On a recent trip to Dublin, I had an urge to escape the city, breathe in some countryside fresh air, and explore somewhere new. After doing a little research and asking advice from a few locals, I hopped in the car and headed towards the great Sugarloaf  in Co. Wicklow. I wasn’t quite sure where I was going, how to get there.. or what to expect on arrival… but sometimes the adventures that we don’t plan in detail turn out best eh? Definitely in this case!

The Great Sugar Loaf Mountain dominates the skyline as you drive south from Dublin to Wicklow. Though only 501 metres (1,644 ft) high, its isolation from other hills, steep slopes and volcanic appearance makes it appear much taller than it is. The unique mountain stands apart from the rest of the upland and is instantly recognisable by its conical shape. The hiking route starts in a designated car park, and the obvious track leads you up around the base where the view in every direction you turn has something different to offer! A steep climb to your right (hands and feet required!) will take you to the summit!


The view from the top is absolutely breath taking! As the cold wind swept my hair I genuinely felt as though I was on top of the world… or at least at the bow of the titanic! It was so silent, so peaceful and so truly beautiful at the top, we lingered there taking photographs, not just on our camera but mentally creating memories of our adventure! As the sun began to set in the distance, I thought to myself isn’t it funny how we travel far and wide across the globe, when sometimes the prettiest places of all have been on our doorstep the entire time!

Our hike took about an hour in total up and back to the car. Good footwear is recommended as the climb to the summit is a little more vertical than I had imagined!

 Grade: Easy
Distance: 2.5km
Estimated time: 1hr
Highest point: 500m

 Directions: From the N11 take the kilmacanouge exit and follow the road to roundwood, alternatively  if coming from enniskerry take the road to kilmacanouge and turn onto the roundwood road. You are looking for Calary which is about 3 1/2 miles from kilmacanouge and marked by the old derilict calary service station.It is at the top of a hill of the roundwood road from kilmacanouge after the roadstone site. There is a trun left just after the derilict service station.Take this and you will see the sugarloaf in front of you, after about 100 yards on your left there is a car park… and the beginning of your adventure!!

Happy hiking! 🙂

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