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Scotts Monument

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

Another great gem from Scotland for you all. This one lies in the heart of Edinburgh city but truly is the best gem of the city. The monument is located in the Princes Street Gardens. We decided to go up and have a look to see for ourselves. Up 287 steps lies one of the most amazing gems in Scotland, where you can enjoy breathtaking views of  Edinburgh and the surrounding countryside.

Up and up and up and up we went. You think you are at the top and then you see another stairs, even smaller then the previous one to bring you higher. What an experience. (QT Tip: If you are a little claustrophobic, you can always go a little bit of the way and you dont have to go to the very top. There are 4 viewing points as you make your way to the top. You can go up as high as you want or just enjoy the view from the first viewing point if you wish). You can walk right around the viewing points of the monument and see Edinburgh to the North, South, East and West. With your guide book, you can pick out all the top sights of Edinburgh from the top. You wont get a view like this anywhere else in the city.

The West view brings views of Ramsay Gardens, Edinburgh Castle, Princes Street, George Street and much more.

The North brings you views of the new town, Old Weverly hotel and St. Andrews Square(this is where the Edinburgh Christmas markets take place).

The South view allows you to view Arthur’s Seat, the Royal Mile, Princes Street Gardens(also where the Edinburgh Christmas markets take place) and much more.

Lastly the East side, which I think was one of my favourite view. I think it was the clock tower and also the view of Arthur’s Seat in the distance the made it special. Views of James centre, the national monument, North Bridge and much more.

Tip: You can also find out all the history about Sir Walter Scott and the monument in the museum room. Well worth a visit while you are on the first level high.

It is £4 to go up Scotts monument and trust us you wont be disappointed. It’s one of the most amazing views of the city.

QT Tip: Be sure to get a tour book which shows you pictures of the views from North, South, East and West. The information book points out all the key places in that view which you can pinpoint on your experience.

A gem which is high above every other in Edinburgh… it’s magical





The best views of Edinburgh – trust us! This is a must if you visit this city. One of the most spectacular gems.

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