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São Jorge Castle

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

When the opportunity arouse to spend a few days exploring the spectacular city of Lisbon… I, of course said yes. Lisbon is the capital and the largest city in Portugal and is known as the hilly capital of Portugal. Lisbon is known for its café culture, fadó music and colourful landscape. During my visit, the São Jorge Castle(St. George’s Castle) took my breath away.  One of the evenings while in Lisbon, I went for a walk around the picturesque Alfama which is one of the traditional areas of Lisbon. You can wander around the old cobbled streets and get lost in the café culture and quirky shops.

Just before sunset, I walked up to explore the castle. Lisbon castle stands above central Lisbon and was the seat of power for Portugal for over 400 years.  and was the ancient seat of power for Portugal for over 400 years. Much of the present castle dates from the 1920s and is steeped in history. Castelo de Sao Jorge provides fantastic views of the Baixa district and the River Tagus. I was lucky enough to explore it in the daylight and catch the picturesque sunset before I left from high above the city… it was breathtaking.

QT Tip: Visit São Jorge Castle (St George’s) at sunset. Be sure to get there just an hour before sunset. It gives you time to explore the castle in daylight, while also ending your day with a beautiful sunset overlooking the colourful landscape.

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