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Rumley’s Open Farm

Recently, we did a QT video on a unique gem in Cork – Rumley’s Open Farm. When we arrived we were expecting a small little open farm but we were pleasantly surprised. It was like a mini zoo with such a wide variety of animals – camels, Alpacas, Monkeys, Owls, Llamas, water buffalo, meerkats and much much more. Amongst the huge variety of animals lay the amazing knowledgeable staff on hand to tell us all a little more about the animals. Sometimes open farms are geared towards younger children but this is an open farm that is truly for children of all ages with activities ranging from toddler and baby play areas to karting, mini golf and zip wires fun. This is a farm that caters for everybody so be sure to bring along all your kids as they are sure to have lots of fun.

We really enjoyed walking around the grounds and seeing all the amazing variety of animals.  The expressions on all the kids faces were amazing and you could see childhood memories were being made. It’s days spent together doing something different that will create memories to last a lifetime and that’s exactly what Rumley’s Open Farm allows you to do.

 QT Tips:

  • Plan a full day at the farm – trust us you will need it as there is so much to do.
  • Pack a picnic and have a family picnic on one of their lovely picnic benches near the animals.
  • It is Ireland so if it rains, dont worry. They have an indoor barn that will keep the kids occupied for hours.
  • Be sure to bring the older kids too as there is karting, mini golf, zip wires etc to keep even the older kids entertained.
  • Be sure to get a tractor ride around the farm. A great experience and a nice little rest for your feet too.
  • Try and see the cows being milked with the kids – it is a great experience for them.
  • If you are lucky enough, you might even get the chance to feed the lamb with a bottle.
  • Have fun and make memories.

Something very unique to the farm is the tractor ride. The tractor ride goes throughout the farm and shows you the full working farm. It is a great novelty for children and an experience they will never forget. The excitement building up in the kids as they were getting into the tractor for their spin was priceless.

Something that we loved about Rumley’s Open Farm was the way in which you could see the way a real farm works. One of the special features Rumley’s farm offers is the ability to see the cows being milked and put back into the field. A great life lesson for the kids as they see where their milk comes from.

Create memories to last a lifetime at Rumley’s Open Farm

Rumley's Open Farm
Tel: 021- 4885122


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