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Pizza Picnic in Central Park, NY

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

OnTheQT has spent some time in New York city over the years and let’s just say sometimes the big apple can get a little bit much at times. We love our unique gems and our bit peace and quiet. We found out that in the city that never sleeps finding that special place to switch off in was difficult. We managed to find something a little bit different to do. We merged two well know things about New York into one and came up with a great unique thing to do(whether a date or a family event).

New York is well know for it’s pizza, right? (Well, we can totally agree with this! It’s DELICIOUS!). We merged central park and pizza and had a great unique adventure(OnTheQT style) in the heart of the big apple. We decided to order pizza and enter the world famous central park. We were amazed at how many people were jogging, chatting, walking, eating lunch and having picnics in groups on the grass(in the summer of course). We sat on a park bench and took in the world of Central Park as we devoured our delicious pizza. We were surprised at the peaceful, friendly, community atmosphere throughout the park and it was a great way to just relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of life in New York.

PIZZA PICNIC IN CENTRAL PARK – What could be better?

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