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Napa Valley

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

During our recent adventures in California, we took a road trip from Oregon House to San Francisco via Napa Valley. For years Napa Valley was on my bucket list so I was very excited to get to see and experience it. We firstly we went downtown Napa to explore and gather a little information about the area, trails and wines. More than 400 wineries are spotted along the fertile soils of the beautiful Napa Valley. The beauty, flavours and countryside are just exceptional… a little piece of heaven in a beautiful gem.

We decided to take the road less traveled ‘ (parallel to Highway 29) called ‘The Silverado Trail’. Most people visiting Napa Valley stay on the main Highway 29. But parallel to Highway 29 is The Silverado Trail… we of course took this route and went a little off the beaten track. The Silverado Trail is a scenic route that travels 29 miles along the Eastern edge of Napa Valley.  The Silverado Trail offers amazing scenic travels and great wineries along the way.

We took a slow drive down the Napa countryside and stopped off in a few wineries along the way. It is like stepping into another world… you could spend all day sipping wine and enjoying the beautiful countryside. We stopped and spent some time in Mumm’s winery which was such a treat, along with some smaller wineries which we discovered along the way.  Sometimes it is the gems you stumble upon along the way that you remember. My favourite part of all was being able the walk through the fields to explore the vines and grapes. Such a great experience.

Next stop was Calistaga which is a small town just off the Silverado Trail. A town with restaurants, ice-cream and much more. We even loved the old train carriages filled with shops and gems.

Napa Valley… it truly was the gem I had imagined for years. Well worth a visit. 

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