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Bluebell Wonderland at Muckross Park

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

eA few week’s ago, OnTheQT spent some time in Killarney. It was a beautiful day so we decided to go on a lovely Sunday stroll.  We headed out to the national park, Muckross. Even though this location wouldn’t be a typical OnTheQT spot(as it is well known by all tourist), we found it still had lots of gems and treasure yet to be discovered. A wonderland of exploration. We couldn’t believe the amount of trails, both main trails and secluded trails. Of course we took one of the secluded trails and ended up in a bluebell wonderland. There are many trails, some more off the beaten track then others(but very well sign posted so you wont get too lost) and of course some paths more well known to tourists. There are walks and hikes for people of all abilities. From the Sunday strollers(like us) to the major hikers.

We were very lucky during our visit, the waves of bluebells were out and covered the forest flour. The beauty all around as you could see a floor of bluebells deep into the distance. We enjoyed our wonders throughout the pathways with the scenery, the beauty and the wave of purple beauty.

Go off the beaten track in this well known national park and discover secluded walks, gems and adventures. You can find unique gems at every corner if you give into your adventurous side. Discover, Dream, Explore!

“The Bluebell is the sweetest flower
That waves in summer air:”

 The Bluebell: Emily Bronte

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