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Mui Ne, Vietnam

Blogger: Lauren Lucy Crowley

There are a lot of bustling noisy cities in Vietnam, and so an escape to a chill out beach town was just what we were looking for! Having asked a few locals for their advice, we decided to head for a beautiful hide away town on the coast called Mui Ne.

Although the bus ride from Hoi Chi Minh was only 4 hours (pretty good for Vietnam), we got to travel on a sleeper bus which was very comfortable! Rather than being laid out like a normal bus, the seats are individual and double decker so each person has their own reclined chair! I was happy out reading my new book, looking out watching the towns we passed by! We were also dropped right to our hotel which saved a lot of time! (OntheQT tip: You can also get the train to Mui Ne from Hoi Chi Minh but its triple the price, takes the same length of time and the train station is 30 km from the beach itself so the bus is definitely a better option!)

Our resort was called “Rang garden bungalows”. It was absolutely beautiful! Our room had two queen size beds, it was extremely spacious and all for only 13 euro each per night! The resort had a picturesque pool which opened onto the beach front… it was all we could have wished for and more! We spent the day relaxing on our sun loungers facing the glittering sea, and jumping into the swimming pool behind us to cool down every once in a while!

Although the town has an abundance of beach side restaurants and bars, the town itself is very quiet (perhaps due to low season) which added to our relaxing holiday! We found a very tasty cosy restaurant along the beach front where the seafood was so fresh it tasted as though it had literally just been caught!

If you’re travelling through Vietnam and looking for a mini getaway to a beachside resort without going too far away… I highly recommend a trip to Mui Ne to recharge and relax!

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