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Longs Horseriding, Ventry!

Travelling the Wild Atlantic Way most certainly isn’t just about driving the beautiful roads around the West coast of Ireland. It’s about hopping out of the car, and exploring the hidden gems and activities that this wonderful part of the world has to offer! The OnTheQT crew LOVE going on outdoor adventures, and so we were really looking forward to horse riding along the beach!

Long’s horse riding are a family-run centre located in Ventry (Ceann trá), a stunning Gaeltacht village on the beautiful Dingle Peninsula in West Kerry. Surrounded by rugged mountains, lush green fields, a jagged coastline and sandy beaches… you’d be hard pressed to find a more idyllic location for horse riding in all of Ireland!

The horses at the stables were all very well cared for by the wonderful team of girls working there. With adorable names for the horses, they introduced us to each one before we headed inside to put on some boots, and a helmet! We climbed onto the horses, and received a few simple instructions before trekking down onto the soft sand!

The horses were so well behaved as they took us along the beach with their hoofs splashing into the water! With very little horse riding experience I was a little nervous at the start, but I was most certainly re-assured by the helpful instructors,  and the calm/obedient nature of the very well-trained horses! Whether you are a first-time rider or have years of experience, the centre offers lessons, treks and horses to suit everyone’s abilities! Whether you prefer beach treks, or mountain treks… Longs will be sure to facilitate you!

It was most certainly a trip to remember! I’m already looking forward to returning! Hope you enjoy your trip there also! x

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