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Kinbane, Antrim

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

As you all know, one of our favourite things to do is go on a road trip in Northern Ireland. We recently went off the beaten track in Antrim and stumbled across Kilbane castle which lies just outside of Ballycastle. This is a gem which will take your breath away. As you turn off the main road(sign posted ‘Kinbane’), you head down a windy country road until you come to a care park(Kinbane is tucked below this car park).

As you begin the walk you notice the beautiful scenery all around. On a good day, it really is a picture perfect postcard! At the first corner of the path you get a glimpse of the headland and the remains of the castle. We then made our way down the steep steps to the remote bay below(with every step you can’t help but think it’s going to be a big climb back up again!!). We made it to the end and began to explore the beautiful surroundings.


We then went to explore the remains of the castle, while also going to the peak to catch a glimpse of the scenic view from the highest point. The stone castle was built in about 1544 by Colla McDonnell. All the remains now is a large gate tower and two flanking walls.

We then walked to explore the derelict cottage hidden in the bay which are the remains of the Kinbane salmon fishery which ended operations in the late 1980s.

A beautiful spot full of both history and beauty. A real secret gem waiting to be explored. We made our way back up the steps towards the carpark… the view made the climb much easier. It was worth it to witness this gem and it’s perfect surroundings.

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