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Beginning in the 16th century, Jamaica was the nexus of the brutal Caribbean economy that saw slaves from Africa producing sugar and rum for Europe and America, First a colony of Spain, and later Britain – Jamaica has strong links with Africa in terms of food, culture and politics. The ubiquitous sound of the island – reggae – is even drawn from African folk music!

Best time to visit:

The weather is beautiful all year round, high season is December to April.

Top things to see:
  1. Sunset from the 11km stretch of beach bars and fun at the Long Bay Negril,
  2. The museum dedicated to Bob Marley,
  3. The red sand, white surf, and blue waters at Long Bay,
  4. Port Royal.
Top things to do: 
  1. Climb 2256m Blue Mountain Peak,
  2. Photograph a crocodile in the Black river great Morass,
  3. Get jamming to Jamaica reggae.
Local Cuisine:

Jerk (meat smothered in tongue – searing marinade), Blue Mountain Coffee / Rum.

Best known for:

Reggae, reefers, rum, bob marley, Rastafarianism, Kingston.

If you’re looking for a holiday with a twist… (literally!) I think you’ve found the perfect destination! Here at OntheQT we would LOVE to hear from you if you’ve already taken a visit to this Caribbean jewel! Simply e-mail us here at: OntheQT.ie@gmail.com! x

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