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House, Dublin

Blogger: Lauren Lucy Crowley

The best kind of hidden gems, are the kind you could walk past everyday and not even realise they’re a hidden gem.  “House” in Dublin is one of those gems. What looks to be a residential Georgian townhouse on lower Leeson street, has a lot more to offer than you could imagine behind its charming red brick walls and alluring front door.  


Occupying two beautiful grand Georgian houses, House is a quaint and funky restaurant that serves the most delicious food with a feeling of relaxed glamour, luxury and ease throughout. Laid out just like a house would be, there are a multiple of different rooms all decorated with sophistication, style and elegance in mind!

With  a log firing burning daily in the Front Parlour as you enter through the main entrance, I felt at ease as soon as I walked in. This is followed by a multitude of rooms, with décor so lavish and furnishings so pretty… it almost felt as though I was walking through a dolls house!  There’s the Salon Bar and Conservatory, (with striking turquoise bar stools I adored), the Terrace with a gorgeous pot bellied stove which leads down to the Garden with its olive and citrus trees. The GlassHouse, Wine Room, Library and Redroom all offer further areas in which to meet, eat and drink.

On arrival we chose to sit in the garden, we were greeted by a very friendly host who showed us the way. As we walked along the fake grass to our table that had swinging chairs, I knew we’d made the right decision! There were fairy lights over head, lanterns hanging from the ceilings sporadically, and more flowers than most real life gardens scattered around the place. I knew I was definitely in love with the place when the waiter handed us chunky red fleecy blankets and asked if we would like hot water bottles made up for us…… of course we all accepted gratefully!

The food, which was mostly tapas in style came without delay, and was truly delicious! We all got something different, and shared them around… there wasn’t a single thing on our table I wouldn’t order again! As the menu changes frequently, you’ll be sure to always have a great selection to choose from, no matter how frequent a visitor you become!

I couldn’t recommend taking a trip to this hidden gem of a restaurant enough… I promise you wont be disappointed… even if it’s only for a coffee during the day.. it is well worth a visit! If you plan to dine there at the weekend, booking is advisable to avoid disappointment!

Bon appetit mes amis! x

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