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Fota’s 30th Birthday!

Fota Wildlife Park is not only an amazing zoo that will allow you to have one of the most memorable family days out around…this summer it is much much more! This summer is a summer of celebration in Fota Wildlife park and they are sharing the celebrations with you! Don’t worry the party has only begun! Fota Wildlife Park are celebrating their 30th Birthday and we were lucky enough to celebrate with them a few weeks ago! We spent a few days filming down in Fota and honestly, we fell in love with the place and the amazing extra activities they offer. Its not just for kids but lots to do for big kids like us too!! We had so much fun exploring, filming and experiencing the activities that we didn’t want to leave!! The highlight of our day was the unbelievable Bosco showcase and the spectacular animals all around. Don’t worry, if you missed any celebrations so far, there are loads more throughout the summer…. 6 weeks of Bosco, themed weekends, face painting, activities and much much more! Guaranteed a great day out this summer!


Wildlife talks take place everyday in the park filling you in on all the stories, names and information on all the animals throughout the park. We really thought this was great, especially for young kids(our little QTs) who just want to know everything about there favourite animal – their names, what they eat, where they sleep etc! Each day there are lots of  kids activities throughout the park! From art classes, feeding times, cheetah runs, activities for the kids, face painting and much more. Honestly, you could spend your day following all the great activities throughout the park! Our favourite was the Penguin feedings, face painting, Bosco, the cheetah run and the meerkat feeding(I know we named a few favourites there but to be honest its hard to say what our favourite is because we just loved it all!!). Bosco is live Monday to Friday at 12pm, 2pm, 4pm and trust us it is not to be missed! The kids(both young and old) were falling off their chairs laughing and participating in the show! The reactions, laughs, screams and joy that filled the tent is something we will never forgot! Make sure to take a look at our video and get a real taste of what its all about! It really is a highlight of the day and Bosco is on for another 6 weeks in the park so make sure to plan a day for Fota and to experience the amazing Bosco.


Here are some events to mark in your diary with the kids this summer at Fota Wildlife Park:

July 2oth – 21st: Drumming Weekend

July 27th – 28th: Fairtrade Weekend

August 3rd – 4: Beyond Magic – Houdini Tribute

August 10th – 11th: African Weekend

August 17th – 18th: Made Scientist Weekend

23rd August: Red Day with Irish Red Head Convention

August 24th – 25th: Kids classes and Hobbies show

Fota Wildlife Park

Mon-Sat: 10.00 a.m.
Sun: 10.30 a.m.
Last entry: 5.00pm every day
Gates closed: 6.00pm

Website: www.fotawildlife.ie

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