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Florida – Day 6

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

After a late night driving back after our busy day at the Kennedy Space Centre yesterday(check out yesterday’s blog here), we had an leisurely morning. We went for our morning walk and swim and relaxed a little by the pool for the morning. We then went to explore Tampa city in the afternoon.

We went out towards the city of Tampa park and we fell in love with the amazing houses in the neighbourhood, each one as nice as the next. A girl can dream…

A beautiful park which is a great spot for walking, boating and even cycling. (We even saw two dolphins swimming in the bay so keep an eye out for them!).

We ended the day with dinner in the cheesecake factory! Yum! This time we went for the Red Velvet cheesecake which was a slice of heaven…. (I think this is our favourite flavour so far!!).

Bed early for us tonight as we have a very magical day planned for tomorrow at Disney Land so be sure to stay tuned for our blog post about how we get on!!

Over and out for now from Florida…


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