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Florida – Day 4

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

Today began, once again with an early morning swim in the sunshine. It’s such a treat to wake up and enjoy a swim straight away. We then decided to head out and explore the area around our house to try to get our bearing. We stopped off in Dunkin Donuts(What can I say, it’s a must when in America).

QT Tip: The tea there is the closest thing to Irish tea in America… it really is a very important tip for any Irish in America as the tea is NOT like home!!

We then went back to the house and spent some time relaxing by the pool and enjoying the sunshine. It is nice to have a base with such a beautiful pool  to spend some time in. It was so hot, a thunderstorm started. It’s a very strange thing for it to be raining and still be 30 degrees.

We then decided to go out for the afternoon to do some shopping. For me, I love following Lauren Conrad’s blog and her new design label for Kohl’s so I just had to pay a visit to do some damage while I am in the States. I knew I loved her clothes from following via Instagram but when I tried on the clothes, I just fell in love with them even more. I ended up buying a brand new wardrobe. It is my first time loving everything I tried on and it gave me great confidence to have a stylish look for when I get back to the office. (Note: Kohl’s is very quiet between 9pm-11pm and a great time to shop!!). First time feeling confident and stylish as a young entrepreneur.

We then decided to go to dinner in the beautiful Italian restaurant ‘ The Olive Garden’. What a treat. Simple, delicious and just want we wanted. We started with salad, delicious fresh breads and a shrimp starter. We then enjoyed a shrimp and chicken carbonara which was out of this world. Delicious. To end,  we devoured a tiramisu, which was recommended to us so we just had to try it. A slice of heaven.

We went back home to get an early night for adventures to Cape Canaveral tomorrow. We are off to Kennedy Space Centre where NASA is based. Tune in tomorrow to see how we get on.

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  1. Emma! The carbonara is my favorite at Olive Garden as well!

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