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Florida – Day 3

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

Day 3 in Florida. It feels like we have been here ages as we have done so much already. If you missed our Day 1 blog post or Day 2 blog post, be sure to check out it out. As you can probably guess from our previous blog posts, our morning routine is an early morning swim. Today was no different. We woke early and walked outside to enjoy a swim as the sun came up for another day of adventure. We then went out for breakfast and enjoyed traditional American pancakes with maple syrup in a local café.

Today was very hot… it was 37 degrees before 12pm and you can guess WE WERE MELTING!! We aren’t able for high 30’s at all. It was so hot, it brought on a thunderstorm. It was an experience to even see the thunderstorm as big. Although, very weird for it to be hot and raining at the same time. So we did what anybody would do in the rain… we went shopping!! A girl has to shop!! The storm stopped and we were very grateful for it as it cooled the temperature down to 27 degrees which was very nice.

We decided to go to dinner in the amazing Cheesecake Factory in Brandon. What a gem… it is a must when visiting the States. We enjoyed fried shrimp, orange chicken and of course we devoured their amazing fresh strawberry cheesecake. Absolutely out of this would… a slice of heaven!

We ended the day with a trip to Apollo beach to watch the sunset. It was a spectacular sunset with flashes of lightening behind it. Something you would see in the movies. A perfect cool end to a perfect day.

Over and out for now from Florida


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  1. Great to be able to keep up with all your adventure. It is amazing. Mona

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