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Our very first ice hockey game!

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

It’s always a good idea to embrace local culture when you arrive in a new place! Therefore we knew it was a must to attend an ice hockey game during our recent trip to Vancouver!

A fast-paced, physical sport, ice hockey is extremely popular in Canada, in fact it is the official national winter sport of Canada and immensely popular among all age groups!

Although it wasn’t ice hockey season when we were there, we went to Langley Stadium to catch a pre season game. We felt like we were in a movie as we sat up overlooking the ice rink! We watched in fascination as they flew around the rink at top speeds chasing the ball! No idea how they went so fast without slipping! It was a super game with a buzzing atmosphere, cannot wait to return and go to a championship match!

Such a fun night and a great way to learn about Canadian culture! x

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