On The QT

Exploring The Shandon Bells

The first stop on our city adventure in Cork was the 18th century Shandon Bells and tower which overlooks the entire city.  Having admired St. Annes church (one of the oldest in Ireland) on the ground floor, we climbed the 132  steep stone steps to the top where a spectacular 360 degree view of the city awaited us! We had great fun pointing out iconic landmarks and different destinations around the city!


Back on the 1st floor it was time to test our musical abilities (much to the disappointment of our camera crew) by ringing the Shandon Bells! It was pretty cool to think our unique version of amazing grace was ringing out for the entire city to hear!

As we left to head to our next destination, we admired the four clocks on the top of the tower which have been given the name of ‘the four faced liar’ by locals  who noticed that the four clocks each display a different time… extremely useful for anyone who tends to be a little late! 

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