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Exploring Cork by boat!

Here at OnTheQT we always make an effort to use different modes of transport upon arrival to a new place or city. It allows us to see the place from a completely different perspective! We recently stumbled upon Cork Harbour Boat Hire and fell in love with the idea of seeing our own Cork city from the water!

Cork Harbour Boat Hire located in Cobh and with a second facility at the Port of Cork Marina allows you to explore the vast depths of Cork Harbour and Cork city on a fantastic boating adventure. Whether you want to head out into the fresh sea air, wander up the banks of the River Lee under historic bridges, or head out towards Blackrock castle  – the adventure is yours to decide! No matter which route you take, you are guaranteed a memorable trip around Cork!

The easy to drive boats make it possible for anyone to skipper their own boat! With tours ranging from one hour to three and four hour adventure tours, specialising in birthday parties, corporate treasure hunts, and other special occasions there is something to everyone! You will receive full training before setting out on the water, ensuring everyone can enjoy their trip around Cork Harbour safely. All tours are led by another safety boat to ensure the trip runs smoothly!

We decided to head up the River Lee on our boating adventure. We couldn’t have been luckier with the weather, a beautiful Spring evening with the sun shining down! The nearby buildings were reflected onto the water in front us… the city looked simply gorgeous! Driving the boat was great fun and very easy to change speed and manoeuvre! We got a fit of the giggles when our boat conked out and we couldn’t restart it…..but our safety instructor was over to us instantly to get us going again!

Whether you’re a visitor to the city, or simply looking for something a little different to do.. I highly recommend renting a self drive boat.. you’ll be sure to fall in love with Cork if you haven’t already! 

For more info please check out their website

Have a super time! x

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