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The Escape Rooms, Galway

If you’re looking for a unique adventure, something to do with your close friends, class mates or your work colleagues… we have found the ultimate bonding experience which will test your limits!

Located in Galway city, the Escape Rooms are a truly enjoyable, yet challenging experience! With three different “escape rooms” to choose from, you and your group will be locked inside… where you have to analyse your surroundings, interpret clues, look for hints, and figure out how to escape! With a 60 minute time limit, you will become completely immersed on how to escape from the room! 

The attention to detail in the rooms is phenomenal, so much so I almost completely forgot my surroundings were fictional! The instructions are so abstract you really have to be creative and think outside the box working together with your group… the perfect bonding exercise! The excitement, fear, pressure, and adrenaline mounted… we were so determined to unlock the secrets and uncover the tangled mysteries!

With three different rooms to choose from each with a completely different theme and puzzles to solve, and very reasonable ticket prices,  I highly recommend a trip to this trendy entertainment experience, you’ll be sure to get hooked and want to return and try out the other rooms!

We were most certainly delighted when we figured out to escape… I hope you figure it out too! 🙂

We were delighted to collaborate with the Escape Rooms in Galway on this post.


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