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Episode 1: Venice

We are delighted to share with you our first episode from our Italy online series with our friends at Heffernan’s Travel, Cork. Our first stop on our Italian adventure was to explore the enchanting city of Venice.Venice is a vibrant city which captures your heart from the start. A city known as one of the most beautiful and romantic parts of the world. Venice stands in a lagoon just barely above the waterline. A enchanting city which consists of 117 islands, over 400 bridges which cross its 150 canals to the city.

We were staying in the Lido de Jesolo and decided to hop on a ferry for a day trip to the city of romance. As soon as we arrived, we were in awe. A busy, vibrant and picturesque city full of people exploring.

Our first stop was to explore St. Mark’s Square. It is Venice’s only square with the title of “piazza” and is one of the busiest parts of the city. Life has revolved around this piazza it was a market as well as the center of civic and religious life. It is evident why it is one of the finest squares in the world.


Next up was to explore the world famous St. Mark’s Basilica located just off grand canal. It is one of the most famous cathedrals in the world with impressive architecture around every corner.

From the top of the beautiful Basilica overlooks St. Mark’s Square. One of the most spectacular views in Venice.


After a bite of dinner… Italian style of course!! We had one more thing we wanted to tick off the bucket list. You can walk around Venice or take a water taxi but it really is a must to explore the city by gondola. We explored Venice’s main landmarks while also going off the beauten track and floating down some secret passageways. It allows you to switch off and see how the locals live.


As night fell so did our adventure in Venice. It captured our hearts but what I loved the most is that no matter how busy it gets, you are never far from a more scheduled part of the city. Around every corner lies a secret square, unique churches or breath taking architecture.

Until the next episode …. Chao

We are delighted to partner with Heffernans Travel, Cork on this post.

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