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Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

As you all know, OnTheQT was over in Edinburgh recently to check out the Fringe Festival 2013. As we were there, we just couldn’t help but shoot a short, fun video to show you guys how our research and exploration went during our weekend. Of course throughout our weekend of researching Edinburgh for QT spots, we also had a lot of fun along the way! The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the largest arts festival in the world and takes place every August for three weeks and trust us, it lights up the city for the month of August. The Edinburgh Fringe is the biggest and most important gathering of comedy talent. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the fringe festivities! The atmosphere, surroundings and buzz throughout the city is something we will always remember. As you stroll around the streets, every corner comes to life with new acts, comedy, music and much more. Every corner showcases so much happiness, fun and spectacular events. One of our favourite parts of the Fringe festival was strolling around the cobbled, historic streets of Edinburgh and watching the unbelievable talent, acts and musicians around every corner.

Every year thousands of performers take to a multitude of stages all over Edinburgh to present shows for every taste. There really is something for everybody at the Fringe. From big names(like this year Jason Byrne) to unknown artists(or as we like to call them OnTheQT artists). Some looking to build their careers, some just wishing to bring laughter and some ready for a month at one of the biggest comedy festival in the world. We heard the festival offers 5,000 acts, including theatre, comedy, dance physical theatre, musicals, operas, music, exhibitions and events. We are sure you can find an act out of 5,000 for your taste buds!

Throughout our few days at the Fringe festival, we went to several acts! (QT TIP: wait to get your tickets(unless its a big act) until you get there as it is easier to judge what shows are popular, funny and in demand). We ended up at the Rubberbandits(we had to support our own Irish acts) one of the evenings, we went to a great music daytime act called Apples…I’m home(whose music features on our video) and of course we went to a stand up comedy gig on our last night. There is almost too much choice and you could spend every second of the day going to different shows but honestly the atmosphere and buzz will be the part of the trip you will never forget!

 Enjoy a short video of OnTheQT exploring Edinburgh, the fringe festival, beaches, the zoo, castle and much more! Have a look…it could be a new QT location?


Video Music: Apples…i’m home
Songs: Desires, Last Week, All the While
on bandcamp: applesimhome.bandcamp.com/
Apples..I’m home on Facebook: facebook.com/applesimhome

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