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Day 22 – Chicago

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

We woke to our last day of adventures in the amazing city of Chicago. We had an early start again with a morning walk at Navy Pier. This is a tourist gem and very busy during the day so we decided to check it out before any of the hustle and bustle began. Exploring it before it came to life at 7am. It truly is a hidden gem before the hustle and bustle begins with locals walking and enjoying the peace and quiet in the early hours of the morning.

We then came across an amazing breakfast spot called ‘Kanela Breakfast Club’ in Streeterville and we can honestly say it is the best breakfast we have had so far in the USA. We enjoyed blueberry and lemon pancakes, fresh seasonal fruit and freshly squeezed orange juice. A spot which puts a modern twist on breakfast favorites. A world of local and organic food with an approach to a Greek-inflected American breakfast and lunch menu. Starting the morning with a smile from this gem was the perfect start to the day.

Next up was to explore the Millennium Park. A park located in the city centre, perfect for outings with family or friends and very popular during the summer months with free open air concerts. Unfortunately, there was none going on while we were in Chicago but I have heard from locals they are an amazing experience. Well what can I say… I will just have to go back again to experience one. We also stopped off at the famous beam to take the ‘obligatory Chicago Picture’. So great to see it and such amazing pictures with mirror images of the buildings.

We ended the day with the beautiful riverwalk once again. We are so lucky our hotel in on this gem and we get to walk it so often… it truly is fabulous.

We ended the day with dinner and shopping on Michigan Avenue(the shopping here is great :)). What an amazing few days exploring this wonderful windy city!!

Chicago… you have captured my heart….

Over and out for now from Chicago,


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