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Our Boat Trip in Barcelona!

One of the coolest things about Barcelona is that there are so many different ways to admire the city… on foot, by segway, by bus, by metro, by cable-car, my motorbike… even by boat! Seeing as the OntheQT crew adore the water, we were very excited to see the city from the a complete different perspective on a boat!



Although a few different companies offer boat tours at the port, we did some research and found one called Las Golondrinas which tickled our fancy! We were delighted with life when we emerged from the underground metro at the right station to see lines and lines of stalls selling all sorts of arts, crafts, jewellery and gifts! What a nice surprise! We had to pull ourselves away from shopping down to where the boats left from!

Although there were trips of various different lengths, we chose a 40 minute tour for a very reasonable price of €7.20! After a short wait on the port watching the boats being cleaned so they were shiny, sparkly white in the sunshine… we hopped aboard! Seeing as it was so sunny we climbed the stairs and chose to sit outside on the decking! It was gorgeous!

The sea sparkled all around us, the wind blew in our hair, and we looked around in fascination as we pulled out of the port with an entirely new view of the city we had fallen in love with since our arrival! As we drifted off to sea the tall city buildings began to shrink… yet other ones continued to pop up around us!  It was almost like we had a 360 vision of the entire city! It was the ideal location for filming, and so we were delighted to capture some excellent footage of the city from out to sea! On our return we were mesmired by mega cruise ships docked up awaiting their passengers! They were dazzling!

The time absolutely flew by! Back at the port, we hopped off with our windswept hair, a clear head and continued our shopping along the stalls! Such a major perk to have a city next to the ocean!

For more information on this particular boat trip see Las Golondrinas website at: http://www.lasgolondrinas.com/en/ 

Enjoy! x

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