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Behind the scenes in Barcelona!!

The best piece of advice I have ever received from anyone so far in my life… has been “Always say yes to adventure”. Whether the adventure is down the road to the shop, on a roadtrip for a few hours or to hop on a plane somewhere, say yes. It is highly unlikely you will regret your decision, and if you do… well then you’ll come back an excellent story teller!




The OntheQT crew utilise this piece of advice in everyday life, hence there is rarely a dull moment at headquarters, as one of us is usually off exploring somewhere. When the opportunity came up, for us both to travel to Barcelona, we were super excited! It’s not everyone who is lucky enough to have a job where you get to jet off an explore one of the most charismatic, energetic and chic cities in Europe for a few days!

Before our trip we planned out exactly where we would go when we got there. Although we had 4 days in the city, we wanted to ensure we would find every hidden gem of a place in the enchanting place… even those well- hidden and secretive ones! We contacted people who lived there to get some local knowledge, read various books and researched pretty much everything we could find online! However, we realised soon after we got there, the best kind of adventures happen completely and utterly unplanned! (We have some pretty funny stories for you all!)

When departure day arrived, we hopped on the bus en route to Dublin airport, with our bags packed to the very brim with recording equipment, go-pros, selfie sticks, cameras, chargers, memory cards, tripods, absolutely everything we needed to capture the entire city and take our memories home with us! We were setting out to make a selfie-style video whilst uncovering the city!

Although it was a little daunting we had an entire city to explore, discover, capture and film – that fear was trivial compared to the levels of excitement building up between the pair of us! Although I have been to Spain before, this trip was a little different, as I knew I would learn so much about the place and leave with an entire new perception of the place. You know what they say, “the real voyage of discovery consists of not seeking new lands, but in having new eyes.”

Our flight to Barcelona El Prat was at 6.15am! (Good job half the crew were a morning type of person!) As soon as we’d checked in, and gone through security checks, we walked swiftly pass all the shops… we had FAR more exciting things to do other than some duty-free shopping! We had our very first piece of talking to camera to record!

Although we got a fit of the giggles when we first began (we were most definitely a little over-tired) – we soon settled into it and got used to the sound of our own voices while recording! We actually really enjoyed filming our first piece… it was also pretty funny that most people boarding our flight thought we were famous! Over the next few days we became more and more comfortable recording ourselves, we were almost pros by the end of the week!

 During our trip we had an immense amount of fun, laughed a lot, ate some deliciously tasty food, met some really nice cool people, found some absolutely stunning places, learnt some Spanish, got lost on the public transport system, almost over heated at times in the heat of the sunshine, learnt how to cook some Spanish food, went swimming in the glistening Mediterranean sea, celebrated one of the biggest Catalan festivals…. And had a perfectly amazing time! Even better? We captured our entire trip on camera, so we can share it all with you!

Be sure to stay tuned for all our upcoming Spanish blogs over the next few weeks, as we cannot wait to share all our stories with you! For now… Adios amigos! x

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