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An AirBnB That Felt Like A Dream

Blogger: Stephanie Lynch

Sometimes in life you need to take a step outside your comfort zone and try something new. Recently while on a road trip throughout the States, we decided to book our accommodation via AirBnB. We wanted to try something a little different and explore the countryside and get a local feel for the place. What better way of exploring like a local than living like a local right?! We set off on our road trip from Sacramento to Oregon House, traveling out to the countryside to the beautiful Sierra Nevada Foothills with its Mediterranean micro-climate. We ventured to our home for the night and we couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw such a beautiful home in Oregon House. We were greeted with a warm welcome from host Salim. What I love about AirBnB is that it is a home away from home. We were traveling for a few weeks and staying in hotels on the go and it was lovely to walk into a home and get that ‘home sweet home’ feeling.

I was so excited to stay in a home but little did I think I would fall in love with the house. Can I just transfer this house home?! We had a base to relax and also be creative in while writing our blogs for the afternoon. It was the perfect space to get the creative juices and energy flowing. The home was built in the ’40’s, with the original pine floors recently refinished. I enjoyed blogging on the decks with the beautiful countryside surrounding me and the odd few deer peeking over at me! A house which captures a unique, creative vibe and environment for relaxation. What more could we want?

This area has a big community feeling to it and everybody is so welcoming!  We may be away from the hustle and bustle but we found some amazing gems for you guys surrounding the beautiful house. So what is there to do in the area? You guys know us well… we are always looking for things to try and new adventures. There is so much nearby… personal winery or olive oil tours, cooking classes, garden tours, hikes, bird watching tours, cooking classes, sewing classes, yoga retreats and much more!! You are spoilt for choice!! It is also a must to try Cafe Collage, a local Mediterranean restaurant(the chef owns the house)… trust us, he cooking is unbelievable!

We enjoyed a wood stove with a warm and cosy atmosphere, the stars were bright and clear and it was the perfect way to relax after a busy few weeks traveling. The comfy bed(Yippee… it wasn’t a hotel bed) was even better!! A sound nights sleep in a cosy and comfortable home!

The following morning we woke to a beautiful breakfast. Our host, Salim(who is a award winning chef) cooked us the most amazing breakfast before we hit the road again. Locally made french croissants, fresh coffee and a farm egg breakfast…. one of the nicest breakfasts we enjoyed in the past 3 weeks!! It’s not everyday that you get a chef into your house to cook you breakfast… this was one of those moments where you almost had to pitch yourself to see was it real life!


A space in a peaceful, and harmonious setting. One of my favourite memories was seeing the deer stroll by the house in the wild.

The wonderful experience honestly felt like a dream… but the best part was I didn’t have to wake up from the wonderful dream!


Oregon House… An AirBnB that felt like a dream!! 


  1. What a lovely place. It is about an hour from Sacramento. Great walking country.

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